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April 12, 2015 0

Visit me at my new personal blog! =)

Hi there! I just created a new personal blog – I actually had a  hard time coming up [...]


levels of communication
March 10, 2015 0

5 Levels of Intimate Communication

Why do some marriages thrive and why do others just merely survive? One answer could be on the communication [...]

Self Care

April 1, 2015 0

What’s Your Wrong Belief About Yourself?

Our early childhood experiences with the people close to us, most especially our parents, have an impact on [...]


April 6, 2015 0

How To Be Your Family’s Counselor

Countless of times I’ve heard how mothers wear several, different hats. They’re a nurse, a [...]


yeshame-2 Welcome to The Family Woman, my personal advocacy in building a healthy family - emotionally and psychologically. It is my hope to reach out to wives, mothers and women like me. I hope you got something from my sharings. More blessings to you and your family!

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