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Jollibee Party Package

Considering Jollibee to hold your kid’s birthday party? So do I! I’ve attended a couple of birthday parties at Jollibee and they’re all fun specially if Jollibee is around doing his dance moves.

As early as now, I’m planning for the second birthday of my baby and most probably we’ll hold it at one of the Jollibbe branches here in Pasig. It’s always more convenient and budget friendly to just choose a package and let them handle all the nitty gritty of party planning.

To give you a sneak peak of the packages they are offering, I posted here in my blog the different packages which you can choose from. I have also blogged about their different party themes and favors.

Food Packages

Package A

Package B

Package C

Package D


Jollibee is not limited with just these four packages. You can also create your own meal and book your event conveniently through their website. Meanwhile, below are the party themes and favors being offered at Jollibee.

Happy party planning and I wish you success! =)


Party Themes


Batman Jollibee Birthday Party Theme





My Bestfriend Jollibee Birthday Party Theme




Jollitown Birthday Party Theme



Party Cakes

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